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Natural Cosmetics offers the purest, cleanest and most effective skin and hair care products in the market. High quality ingredients are employed to create well-balanced, nourishing formulations. At Natural Cosmetics, we use the finest Essential Oils for their healing, calming and rejuvenating properties as well as for their natural fragrance. 

We never use FD&C colors. These carcinogens (still used in 99.9% of all make-up products today) have many negative effects on our health. FD&C colors are not a part of our philosophy of Pure and Natural Beauty Care. We also do not use chemical foam-boosters, chemical emulgators, chemical perfumes, or any of the heavy chemical preservative systems. 

We have well equipped laboratories to undertake the preparation of the Herbal cosmetics with minute attention given to every aspect of them. The preparatory process is carried out under the supervision of Herbal experts. After the preparation is over, the products are tested for efficacy and safety. 

We have a state of the art R&D laboratory with a group of experts to supervise the entire gamut of activity pertaining to the manufacturing of the Herbal products. There are scores of relevantly qualified and experienced professionals working under highly experienced supervisors to carry out the basic activities. Raw materials are collected from the bountiful resources of the Nature and then are translated into final products with proper care and supervision. 

Before leaving for the market, the products are tested for their odor and usability. Our experts take a lot of pain before giving final approval to the purely Herbal cosmetics and make it at par with the international standards. 

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