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During the past couple of years, the herbal wave has been sweeping the skin care segment and is perceived to be the hottest and the fastest growing. Consumers want value-added cosmetics that offer the scientific advantages of the prestige brands, but cost less and are available in convenient mass market outlets. They crave quality-of-life enhancing products. Young women are looking for trendy, portable products to suit their hectic lifestyles. The current trend in cosmetic R&D, therefore, is to develop products that communicate science to the consumers and are also cross-functional. 

We are developing R&D based formulations that combines consumer research, preparation expertise and software algorithms to deliver very specific sensory experiences into formulations. We adopt unique Quality control system to ensure the superiority of our extracts. We are trying to develop our products that can be used for cross-functional/cross-category applications; e.g., the same raw material is used in cosmetics, skin care, toothpastes, hair care and AP/Deos. Also, there is an effort to formulate multi-purpose products designed for use on a combination of face, eyes or lips. We are using new technologies which will provide skin lightening with multi functional advantages, such as UV protection and anti-aging. Again there is an effort to mix various proportions of the ingredients to formulate some products for customized demands. As far as possible, we try to prepare it naturally. 

Our products are enriched with the unique formulations of herbs combine the aspirations of the great previous civilization with ultra modern technology. Carefully selected over years of search, each ingredients in any of our product prepared to give your hair, body & skin the natural touch along with a healthy body & balanced mind. All our preparations are environment friendly and biodegradable. Research and development has been pivotal in the progress of Natural Cosmetics' Herbal products. The introduction of the diverse range of products with proven efficiency has been due to the innovative efforts of scientists associated with Natural Cosmetics. 

The activities of R&D are concentrated around : 

Characterization of medicinal plants through Cryogenic as well as phytochemical studies. 

  • Standardization of herbal raw materials
  • Conducting several clinical trials
  • Conducting toxicity studies

Several herbs having wonderful applications are still undiscovered or unidentified or not commercially collected. We can make an effort in this direction for our valuable clients. We can collect such exotic herbs on order basis.

We have collected several such herbs in the past for several respected research analysts, Laboratories, Universities, Educational Institutions to enable them to complete there studies and clinical trials as part of our service to mankind and development of nature friendly world. 

We offer several other services like blending, mixing, retail packing, labelling, bottling, grinding and other specialised services at the request of our valuable clientele in our effort to provide all services under one umbrella. Availability of suitable infrastructure with us enable us to meet such tasks effectively.

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